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Research: Is chewing good for health

Usually you will start that scolding is a bad habit. In every office some people are marked as gossip queen or gossip king to be alert because these people are very chubby, move around a lot but if you are told that we are in the habit of gossip or chugli. Found naturally. The wiring of our brain is such that we will do this. Not only this, many recent research also says that gasping is good, it keeps health better. keeps her happy. It makes bonding.

Some time ago interesting research was done in Pavia University Italy, Oxford University about this. Yuval Noah Harari, author of a recent book “Sapiens – A Brief History of Mankind”, has mentioned this in his book.

Let’s start with eye-opening research from Oxford University, which says that the habit of gossiping makes us human. This brings happiness. Age increases. This is a similar addiction as a cigarette smoker continues to feel his addiction.

This habit is inherited
Some time ago “Daily Mail” published an article about this research. According to this, we have inherited the habit of gossiping. That is, it is in our DNA. Ever since humans developed the art of communication. He reached from signs to the art of speaking. The language developed, along with that the gossip also developed. It started hitting inside us.

feel healthy, happy and human
According to the report, gossip makes us feel more healthy, happy and human. Our habit of talking about someone behind their back sets us apart from other species. This gives a feeling of attachment or attachment. We also get to know who is worthy of trust.

Gossip makes us feel healthier, happier and more human. Our habit of talking about someone behind their back sets us apart from other species.

start feeling good
A research on gossip, led by Professor Robin Dunbar of the Department of Evolutionary Psychology at Oxford University, was done on a group of women. It was observed that when two women used to chuckle or gossip, the level of that hormone in their brain, which is called oxytocin, also known as love hormone, started feeling different happiness throughout the body.

There have been gossip characters in every culture
Research says that gossip is such a means of communication. Due to which age increases, it is necessary to keep alive. By the way, every culture of the world has been fun mythological characters about gossip. But the funny thing is that all these characters have given more momentum to positivity. This is the character to be mentioned in the Puranas of India as Narada. He had all the information about the world. And whatever the effect of the gossip he used to do in his own style, but the results that came out in the end were very positive for humanity and society.

Gossiping Helped Evolution
If gossiping helped to form separate groups, families, clans and religions in the course of human development, then it helped people with different views and opinions to come together, it helped in the development of language. Helped to craft and understand characters with storytelling and stories.

Human nature is such that every person on this earth goesssips. Every person connects to it, without it he cannot live. (ShutterStock)

everyone in the world does this
The bottom line of the research is that human nature is such that every person on this earth goesssips. Every person connects to it, without it he cannot live. That’s why you don’t have to be embarrassed at all if someone is calling you a gossip. Gossip is also an opinion, which we make about people, events and things.

80 percent is gossip
Often when two people talk, 80 percent of their conversation is about others. Psychology says that biting or backbiting makes oneself feel light and happy in a strange way. Whether done emotionally or mentally.

It also creates bonding
Research and science says that when we gossip, our bonding with each other improves, trust builds up. After this, feel-good hormones start releasing in the body. They are like serotonin. The structure of our brain is such that if we test something on the logical point of view, then we will form an opinion about it and then gossip on it. This process also creates bonding. It also proves helpful in understanding people.

When we gossip, our bonding with each other is better, trust builds up. After this, feel-good hormones start releasing in the body. (ShutterStock)

relieves stress
Often when you are under a lot of stress, pick up the phone and start gossiping with your trusted or trusted friend, in no time you will find yourself relaxed. The tension will be gone. It is obvious that after this your whole mood becomes light. You start feeling better. That is, this work did positive work.

But too much gossip is not good either
Gossiping is fine in limited quantities, but it also does harm if it is excessive. Maintain the standards even while gossiping. Gossipping and character assassination and bad thoughts about someone and thoughts of harming him will not actually be called gossip but are different and their result is sometimes very bad. So do gossiping but lightly. But the real thing is also that when we do gossip, we forget that where we have to go in it and how far we do not.

oxytocin is produced
A group of 22 women was studied at the University of Pavia in Italy. This study was led by Dr. Natasia Bondino. They found that when gossip occurs, oxytocin begins to form and it is released and reaches the blood and brain. This happens in every person who behaves socially. Along with humans, this type of hormone is also made in mammals. Sometimes gossip has a social impact. Makes groups.

However, scientists who monitor the course of human development say that gossip has been good for society and man in general.

Gossiping is also behind the survival of the human species
It also has its own social values. Author Yuval Harari in his book Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind has written that gossiping has also been a big reason for the survival of our species. It taught us who we have to avoid, who is cheating us, who whose building a relationship with. Who can be trusted?

Broadly speaking, the gossip taught early humans not only to survive and survive, but also to determine the way their clan expanded. Then the long-lasting gossip told the early humans which people he had to live with and from whom. It is this that gave rise to our social structure and the increasing cooperation that sets us apart from animals.

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