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Hair starts falling due to these 5 reasons in summer, change old habits today

Beautiful hair makes our personality attractive, but as soon as the summer season comes, many types of problems start coming in the hair, the most common problem is hair fall. Many times our look starts getting spoiled due to the problem of falling hair. In this season, those whose hair is thick, shiny and strong also get stressed due to hair fall. Actually, if the hair falling is not stopped at the right time, then gradually the quality of the hair deteriorates and they start looking dry. In such a situation, hair needs special care and care during the summer season.

If you take proper care of your hair and take a healthy diet, then you can avoid the problem of hair fall even in the summer season. So let’s know what are the reasons for hair fall in summer.

causes of hair loss in summer

bright sun
In the summer season, the hair comes in contact with strong sunlight, due to which the UV rays of the sun absorb moisture from the hair and the hair becomes lifeless and weak. In such a situation, to protect the hair from the sun, use a cap or scarf.

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wash hair daily
In summer, hair becomes sticky, oily due to sun, dust and sweat etc. Because of which it is necessary to wash the hair from time to time. But let us tell you that if you are shampooing and washing your hair daily, then it can start the problem of hair fall. In such a situation, wash your hair only 3-4 days a week.

big reason for dandruff
Dandruff problem is very much in the summer season. Actually, due to sweat and heat, bacteria easily grow in the hair, which leads to dandruff. Dandruff also causes hair to become weak and fall.

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because of swimming
People like to swim in the summer season. In such a situation, the chemicals and chlorine present in the pool water damage the hair and hair loss starts.

in a wrong way use of air conditioner
In summer, most people start using air conditioner more than necessary in their hair. Due to which the moisture of the hair is lost and the hair becomes dry and starts breaking. In such a situation, it is necessary to use a hair mask once a week. ,Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before implementing these.)

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