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Stock Market: After recovering from the fall, the market can pick up today, these factors will have a positive effect on investors

New Delhi, The Indian stock market is ready to come back on the fast track leaving behind the big fall a day ago. With the positive move of the global market, investors can move towards buying today.

Experts say that in today’s opening trade, investors can appear in a positive mood and both the exchanges can become bullish again. A day earlier on Monday, the Sensex had closed at 57,167, down about 2 per cent i.e. 1,172 points. Nifty had also reached 17,174 with a loss of 1.7 percent i.e. 302 points.

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US and European markets
The pressure of Russia-Ukraine war and inflation on the US market is clearly visible. The major stock exchange Nasdaq had seen a fall of 0.14 percent a day earlier. However, it did not affect the European markets and all the major stock markets saw a rise. Germany’s stock exchange gained 0.62 percent and France showed a jump of 0.72 percent. There has also been a gain of 0.47 percent on the London Stock Exchange.

Asian markets returned
Most of the markets in Asia opened on the green mark on Tuesday morning. Singapore’s stock exchange was trading at a gain of 0.26 percent, while Japan’s Nikkei is also up 0.45 percent. Taiwan is seeing a rise of 0.91 percent and South Korea by 1.12 percent. However, Hong Kong 1.92 and China’s Shanghai Composite were trading 0.11 percent lower. The main reason for the decline in China’s markets is the lockdown imposed due to increasing corona infection.

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Buying possible today on large withdrawal of foreign investors
Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) have intensified the process of withdrawing capital from the Indian stock market. FII sold shares worth Rs 6,387.45 crore in Monday’s trading. However, on the other hand, domestic investors have also bought shares worth Rs 3,341.96 crore during this period. Experts estimate that in today’s business, foreign investors can also invest money in the market.

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