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Anupam Kher’s words will blow your senses, told a healthy person, harmful for the country’s economy!

Anupam Kher Are amazing actors. The recently released film ‘The Kashmir Files’, who was in discussion about it, is now completing the shooting of his film ‘Uchhai’. He keeps sharing many BTS pictures of his upcoming film on social media. Apart from acting, Anupam is often in the headlines for his impetuosity. Anupam sometimes says serious things in a funny way. Questioning the economy of the country, the actor gave such a logic that the fans said that you have opened a big secret. So let’s also listen to them.

In his video shared on Instagram, Anupam Kher is telling that ‘Cycling is very harmful for the economy of any country i.e. GDP.. It sounds funny but it is true.. A cyclist is a big disaster for the country..Because he doesn’t buy car, doesn’t take loan, he doesn’t get car insurance.. he doesn’t buy oil, doesn’t take loan.. he doesn’t get car service and so on. He was not even fat.

Healthy person is useless for the country’s economy
Anupam Kher Don’t be surprised on these things because it is said further ‘It is true that a healthy person is not at all good for the economy.. because he does not take medicines… because he does not need it. He doesn’t go to the hospital because he doesn’t need it. He does not meet the doctor because he does not need it, he is not contributing to the GDP of the nation.

Anupam told pedestrians more dangerous
Anupam Kher further says that ‘on the contrary, fast food shops create 30 jobs. 10 Heart Doctors, 10 Dentists, 10 Different Kinds of People Losing Weight….But pedestrians are even more dangerous, because a pedestrian doesn’t even buy a bicycle’.

Anupam said it was a sarcasm
In the end, Anupam Kher tells in his own style that ‘It was a satire, some of you do not take it seriously, don’t start telling me that it is making fun of the cyclists.. is making fun of the poor’. ..hood’.

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Fans are also enjoying the revelations of Anupam
Fans are also commenting on this video post of Anupam Kher. One wrote ‘Sir, you have uncovered a big secret’. Another wrote ‘Dil ki baat di aapne’. At the same time, one wrote ‘It was fun to hear sir’, broke it early in the morning’.

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