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Neetu Chandra’s Action! Bihari actress stuns in Hollywood’s ‘Never Back Down Revolt’

Patna. Bihar’s daughter actress Neetu Chandra Srivastava, who has worked in several language films including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, has also stepped into Hollywood. Neetu Chandra Srivastava has appeared in action avatar in director Kelly Madison’s film ‘Never Back Down Revolt’. The producers of this film are Craig Baumgarten, David Jillon, Ben Jacques. Neetu Chandra Srivastava, who reached Patna regarding the promotion of her film, said, “I did many films from Bollywood to South, but still I was feeling complete in myself. It was my dream to work in Hollywood films because I was very fond of doing action films, but did not get a chance in India.

Neetu Chandra further said, “Due to not getting action films, it seemed that something was left incomplete because I am also the brand ambassador of Taekwondo Federation of India. In such a situation, I have been inclined towards action. In 2017, I messaged Irrfan Khan, who had worked in Hollywood, about this. He gave me a lot of sport while there were work visas and many legal things to work in international at that time. I finally got a break and completed the film in 2021 and now it has been released.”

Neetu Chandra says, “I am proud that I am making Bihar’s name bright in Hollywood as well and the producer of my film knows the director Bihar. Not only this, they also want to come to Bihar. In his mind, the identity of Bihar is broad with regard to Buddhism. Regarding his character in the film, Neetu Chandra Srivastava said that my character has always been different. I have looked different in every film. My thinking is that I should perform different roles and give my 100% in it. My character in this film is also very different, for which I have worked very hard.”

The Bihari actress further said that I have also worked on Bhojpuri language and together with my brother Nitin Chandra produce films from Champaran Talkies. According to them, our language needs us, but when we used to see the posters of Bhojpuri films, we used to think that it is not right to put such posters for Bhojpuri in Bhojpuri. That’s why to improve Bhojpuri, we decided to work for our language and we are working on that too.

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