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Actor Aamir Khan is enjoying mangoes in summer, having such fun with his son

Aamir Khan Eating Mangoes: In summer, everyone becomes happy by consuming things that freshen the mood. These things range from healthy drinks that cool the body to fresh fruits. In the summer season, most people not only like to eat shikanji, lemonade, watermelon juice, lassi, buttermilk, cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, cucumber and the king of fruits, mango, but also include them in the daily diet. Consuming all these things in summer keeps the body healthy and helps in keeping the body hydrated. From common people to celebrities, they are seen enjoying these things in summer. Nowadays, on social media, people are sharing information about what things to eat and stay healthy in summer. Meanwhile, Bollywood’s perfectionist actor Aamir Khan was also seen eating mangoes fiercely on social media.

In fact, mangoes, which are called the king of fruits, give instant relief from the scorching heat outside. Some people like to eat kutchi kari with salt and chilli, while some people enjoy ripe and juicy mangoes. Recently, 57-year-old Aamir Khan was seen eating a plate of rice and juicy mangoes on the social media platform Instagram. In these pictures of Instagram, Aamir Khan, along with his 10-year-old son Azad Rao Khan, is enjoying mangoes while sitting at the dining table of the house.

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The official Instagram handle of Aamir Khan Productions has recently shared a post in which the son and father duo are having fun eating mangoes. In the pictures, Aamir Khan is seen cutting mangoes and serving himself and his son. It is written in the caption of these photos – Have you eaten mangoes with yourself and your family yet?

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In no time, this post has created panic on social media. People have given many thousand likes on this post and have also made many beautiful comments. Many users have praised Aamir Khan saying that he is not only a good actor but also a very good father who is taking care of himself and his child in summer.

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