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Earth Day 2022: To make the earth green, bring these 5 changes in your habits

Earth Day 2022: Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to save natural resources and spread awareness among the people. Due to our rapidly changing lifestyle, the picture of the world has completely changed in the last one century. Despite the limited natural resources, it is being over-exploited and this process continues unabated. The effect of continuous tampering with nature is also now coming to the fore in the form of global warming, earthquakes and other natural disasters. In such a situation, it is necessary that now all of us together make some big changes in our habits so that the earth can be protected and our coming generations can get a green and happy earth.

adopt these habits

1. Sustainable Lifestyle – The progress made in the world in the last one century is more than the progress made in the last thousand years. This progress of ours has made our material life easy, but in this glare of progress we have ignored the injustice done to nature. Now we have to bear the brunt of this. In such a situation, now the time has come to save the earth that we should change our lifestyle. For this, instead of over-exploiting natural resources, the time has come to adopt recycling and upcycling of things. Along with this, it has become necessary to reduce waste, go towards organic, use eco-friendly items in the lifestyle.

2. Water Conservation – There has been a severe shortage of clean water in the world in the last few days. Many people believe that the third world war on earth will be due to water. From this the importance of water can be understood. In such a situation, now the time has come to make people aware along with themselves for water conservation. Change your old small habits to stop wasting water. Close the tap properly. Don’t waste water unnecessarily. Store water properly.

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3. Green Energy – Now we need to move away from the traditional means of energy production towards green energy. Conventional means greatly increase pollution. Our country is the third largest electricity consumer in the world. We depend on coal, oil and natural gases for this, which play a big role in increasing air pollution. The more we waste electricity, the more nature will be harmed. In such a situation, it is necessary that if we move towards green energy rapidly, then we should bring a change in the habit of wasting electricity.

4. Air Pollution – We are also ahead in terms of air pollution. This can be gauged from the fact that air pollution is very high in many major cities including the capital of the country. Due to this we are not able to even breathe in the open air. It is also having a direct impact on our environment. In such a situation, it is necessary that we at least use private vehicles. Focus on public transport and use private vehicles only when necessary.

5. Waste Management – Our lifestyle has not left any place on earth where man-made waste has not reached. Along with the land, the sea is also becoming a dumping center of waste, which is spoiling the entire marine ecosystem. In such a situation, it is necessary that we spread at least the garbage and use such things which can be recycled. Along with this, to prevent air pollution, water pollution, manage wet and dry waste properly.

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