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Nupur Sharma Controversy: Not only Venkatesh on Nupur Sharma controversy, these two cricketers including Shoaib Akhtar also gave a big statement

Nupur Sharma News: BJP leader Nupur Sharma has created a serious situation across the country due to a statement of Prophet Muhammad. Horrifying news and pictures of controversies are coming out all over the place. Former Indian cricketer on this serious issue Venkatesh Prasad expressed his disappointment by tweeting Of. He said that he cannot believe that this is the India of the 21st century. He also reacted strongly to the hanging of Nupur Sharma’s effigy by tweeting one after the other.

Venkatesh Prasad, however, is not the only cricketer who has reacted to the issue. BJP leader and Team India’s opener Gautam Gambhir also tweeted. He fully supported Nupur.

This Pakistani had eaten as soon as he got entangled with Venkatesh Prasad, had lost the war, got a deep wound

Gautam wrote – The silence of the so called ‘secular liberals’ on the horrific display of hatred and death threats across the country against the woman apologizing is definitely deafening. #LetsTolerateIntolerance

In this sequence, Irfan Pathan also tweeted and talked about stopping the violence. He wrote – Violence is not the answer, no matter how much excitement!

Earlier, Shoaib Akhtar, who was the fast bowler of the Pakistani team, had also tweeted. He wrote- For us Prophet Muhammad is everything. Our living, dying and doing anything is all for them.

He further wrote- I strongly condemn everything against Prophet Muhammad. I welcome the decision of the Indian government to suspend Nupur Sharma. He expressed hope that the government would take steps to prevent such things in future also.

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