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Australian player was going to jump from the 26th floor, narrated heart-rending pain

Former Australian female tennis player Jelena Dokic has made a shocking disclosure on her social media. Jelena has shared a post on her Instagram in which she has told how she came close to committing suicide due to mental illness. In this post, she told that she was about to jump from the 26th floor of the house but she somehow stopped.

Although Jelena’s achievements in tennis have not been special, she did come into the limelight when she defeated world number one Martina Hingis in the first round at Wimbledon 1999. For 39 years, Jelena is now away from the tennis court. She was last seen in a tournament in 2012.

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Jelena wrote on her Instagram, ‘On April 28, 2022, I almost jumped from my 26th floor. I almost took my own life. I can never forget that day. Everything was blurry and dark before me. I could not hear, see or understand anything. There was just tears, sadness, worry and pain.

She said, ‘I will never forget that day. I just wanted all this pain and suffering to end. That day I pulled myself from the shore. I don’t know how I did it. Words cannot describe the hardships I have gone through in the last 6 months. I just used to hide myself in the wall of my room and in the bathroom. I could only feel the sadness and pain. My life had completely collapsed. Disturbed by all this, I decided on April 28 that not anymore, just now let’s end everything. I can never forget that day.’

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Jelena wrote in her post, ‘I have taken the help of doctors and my life was saved. I am writing this because I am not the only one struggling with this. Know that you are not alone. I can’t say that I am doing well right now but it is sure that I am doing fine. I will come back stronger than ever.

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