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Most Expensive Sports League: IPL Media Rights Received 48,390 Crore, Still Not No.1, Know About Top-5 League of Sports

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has become the most expensive sports league in the world. The e-auction for the years 2023 to 2017 lasted for three days. The Indian Cricket Board earned a total of 48,390 crores from this media rights distributed in four packages. This is the second-largest sale of media rights in the history of sports. The total value for each IPL match has gone up to Rs 118 crore. This time there will be two separate broadcasters for both the TV and digital segments.

In this way the price of IPL match reached the sky
The TV rights for the Indian subcontinent were bought by Disney Star for Rs 23,575 crore (Rs 57.5 crore per match) but the digital rights went to Reliance’s Viacom 18 for Rs 20,500 crore. The A and B package includes 410 matches for the next five years. Viacom also bought a C package of ‘non-exclusive’ rights for Rs 2991 crore. Package D contained overseas TV and digital rights that Viacom18 and Times Internet bought for Rs 1,300 crore. With this the monopoly of the single broadcaster also ended.

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Value of a match in top five sports leagues

  • NFL: Rs 133.31 crore
  • IPL: Rs 118 crore
  • EPL: Rs 85.89 crore
  • MLB: Rs 85.89 crore
  • NBA: Rs 15.61 crore

The American Football League is the NFL
The National Football is a different tournament from normal football. Here the shape of the football is also different. Players play the flat ball in four quarters of 15-15 minutes. That is, the game time is only 60 minutes, which is 30 minutes less than a normal football match. In the NFL, the player runs with the ball in hand or passes it by hand to a partner. According to the media rights of the NFL, the cost of a match is Rs 133.31 crore.

IPL Media Rights Auction: Times Internet also got rights to broadcast IPL, who has TV and mobile rights, know full details
Who else is in the top-5?
The world’s most famous football tournament is the English Premier League, according to media rights, the cost of a match is Rs 85.89 crore. After this comes the name of MLB i.e. Major League Baseball, whose media rights were also sold at a very expensive price. Its cost of one match is 85.89 crores. The last position in the top-5 is the National Basketball Association ie NBA, whose match cost is Rs 15.61 crore.

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The previous broadcaster was Star
Star India-Disney were the current holders of the IPL rights for the 2017–22 cycle, with a winning bid of Rs 16,347.50 crore for both TV and digital in September 2017. Earlier, Sony Pictures Networks had won the IPL TV media rights during the inception of the tournament with a bid of Rs 8200 crore for a period of 10 years.

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