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Edgar Berlanga Controversy: The boxer did a shameful act in the ring, started biting the opponent with his teeth during the fight

When players enter the field, often they put sportsmanship on the sidelines of winning ambitions and commit such shameful acts, for which they have to face criticism for life. Boxer Edgar Berlanga did something similar after almost biting rival Alexis Angulo during the fight. For this, he has been fined $ 10,000 (Rs 7.8 lakh) and banned for 6 months during his sentence.

The two faced off on Saturday in a super middleweight match at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York. During the 7th round, Berlanga was seen trying to bite his opponent. However, Angulo was more alert and Berlanga could not bite him.

Despite the incident, the fight continued and the 25-year-old won the match unanimously. It seemed that Berlanga would escape without punishment at the time, but when he was sentenced he accepted his guilt.

The 25-year-old boxer said – The decision is acceptable. The bite was not noticed by the referee at that time. Let us tell you that in one such fight, Mike Tyson had bitten his opponent. He said, ‘I am really embarrassed. I want to apologize for that. I didn’t have control over myself. I will improve my behaviour.’

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