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There was an arrow in the neck, 3.5 hours of surgery, after 6 months, Assam’s teenage archer Shivangini again targeted

Special Correspondent, New Delhi: Shivangini Gohain, who was badly injured by an arrow in her neck during practice, has once again returned to the Archery field. In January 2020, Shivangini was badly injured due to an arrow in her neck during practice, the condition was so bad that she had to be airlifted and shifted from Assam to AIIMS Trauma Center in Delhi. The team of doctors gave her a new life by performing her surgery and now Shivangini has again entered the playground. However, as Shivangini now needs financial help to advance her game, she needs help with her bow kit. When the doctor of AIIMS requested for help on social media, many people have come forward and agreed to bear the cost of his kit.

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The spine was 0.5 mm away from the cod: Dr. Deepak Gupta, Neuro Surgeon of AIIMS Trauma Center, who treated Shivangini, said that on January 6, 2020, Shivangini was practicing in Dibrugarh, Assam under the Khelo India Games. During practice, another player’s arrow was hit in his neck. The doctors of Assam tried, but they could not remove it. He was shifted to AIIMS Trauma Center on the night of 8 January. The arrow entered his neck and was stuck between two bones. Between the cervical and thoracic junctions ie between C7 and D1 went from right to left. This spine was 0.5 mm away from the cod. Had she touched it, the girl could have been handicapped for the rest of her life.

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Arrow removed in complex surgery: Dr. Deepak said that the surgery was challenging, as even a slight mistake during the surgery could have damaged the spinal cord. This arrow was removed in three and a half hours of surgery. The arrow had affected the outer membrane of the lungs, which was managed. He said the surgery was done on the second day of the night he was brought in. The good thing is that his recovery improved and he started practicing only after 6 months. The doctor told that financial help was needed in front of him to pursue his games. His mother pleaded that he did not have the bow kit, which was broken. When we talked about this on social media, many people came forward and reached for help. He said that it is satisfying to help such a player.

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Won many medals after recovery: Shivangini Gohain is from Assam. When she was injured, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) had borne the cost of her treatment. Shivangini has represented Assam in the 65th School Games Archery Championship organized by the School Games Federation of India. This championship was held in Andhra Pradesh. Shivangini started playing at the age of 9. She suffered an injury at the age of 12, now she is 14. He has won many state medals in the last two years.

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