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105 year old ‘great-grandmother’ flew like an angel, new record in 100 meters race

It is not said that age is just a number and there is no age to fulfill dreams. Something similar was seen in the National Open Masters Athletics Championships (organized by the Athletics Federation of India). 105-year-old Rambai is living her dream despite completing her century of age and has also set a new record in 100m.

‘It’s a great feeling and I want to run again,’ she says. Despite seeing 105 springs, this great-grandmother Udan Pari, who is enjoying life, won two gold medals. Won gold in 100m on 15th June and 200m on Sunday. His next target is to take part in international tournaments. She is planning to apply for a passport. When asked why she didn’t run at a very young age, the centurion from Haryana laughed and said, “I was ready to run but nobody gave me a chance.”

Rambai breaks Mann Kaur’s record
An inspiration to many at this age, Rambai, who was born on January 1, 1917, ran alone in Vadodara, as there were no contestants above 85 in the competition. He completed the 100 meters run to the cheers of hundreds of spectators. She became famous after winning gold at the age of 100 meters at the World Masters. He set a national record by completing the race in 45.40 seconds. Earlier this record was held by Man Kaur, who completed the race in 74 seconds.

Rambai became a star as soon as she completed the race and was busy posing for selfies and pictures with other contestants. Rambai’s granddaughter Sharmila Sangwan, who competed and won a medal in Vadodara, said, “I took him to Delhi on June 13 before reaching Vadodara after the RT-PCR test. We are returning home now. I will drop Nani to her village Kadma, which is about 150 km from Delhi in Charkhi Dadri district.

Debut in Varanasi last year
Sharmila said that her entire family is into sports. “Some of our family members serving in the army have participated in national level competitions apart from participating in the Masters Athletic Meet. My grandmother competed for the first time last November when I took her to Varanasi. Then he participated in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala. Till now he has won more than a dozen medals.

When asked about the winning mantra, Rambai could not hold back her laughter. She said, ‘I eat churma, curd and milk.’ She said, ‘He is a pure vegetarian. Nani consumes about 250 grams of ghee and 500 grams of curd every day. She drinks 500 ml pure milk twice a day. She loves bajra ki roti (flat bread made from millet) and does not eat much rice. According to Sharmila, the secret of her grandmother’s success and strength lies in her food habits and village environment. He said, ‘My grandmother works a lot in the fields. She runs 3-4 km on a normal day. Most of the food she eats is grown in the village.

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