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Unusual Cricket Records: Batter ran 6 km, fielder got frustrated, shot had to be fired… when 286 runs were made on one ball

286 Runs In A Ball: Cricket is said to be a game of uncertainties. Nothing can be said here when which team wins or loses and which team loses while winning and winning. Even if the opposing team needs 10 runs in a ball, then there is an expectation that maybe a no ball and a six falls on the same ball, then only three runs will have to be scored off a ball. That is, until the last ball of the match is bowled, there is uncertainty in the game. Something similar was seen in a match played in 1894. You will be surprised to know that 286 runs were scored in that match recorded in the history of cricket.

date 15 January 1894
It is a matter of fact that on 15 January 1894 in Western Australia, a match was going on between Victoria and ‘Scratch XI’ on the ground of Bonbury. On the very first ball of the match, the batsman hit a long shot and the ball went and got stuck on a tree. It is called the Jarrah tree. Both the batsmen kept running at the crease. By the time the ball was found and dropped from the tree, they had run away one after the other, 286 runs.

Players ran for 6 kilometers
While running for runs, both the players covered about 6 kilometers between the crease during this time. This tree was in the middle of the field and the fielding team also appealed to the umpire to declare the ball as lost so as to prevent the batsmen from taking runs. But the umpires turned down the appeal saying the ball was stuck on the tree and was visible. Therefore it cannot be declared lost.

Batsmen had run away 286 runs
Regarding this match, it is also said that the fielding team also wanted to bring an ax to cut the tree, but no ax was found. Then someone brought a rifle from the house and aiming at the ball, the ball was dropped from the tree. When the ball fell, the fielding side was so desperate that no one even tried to catch the ball. By then Victoria’s batsmen had run for 286 runs at the crease and this team declared their first innings on the same number of runs. The score of 286 runs in 1 ball is a record in itself. The only source of this news is considered to be the then English newspaper Paul Mall Gazette. This unique news is said to be printed on his sports page.

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